Meet Tom Keene

As an active fifth-generation farmer and a fourth-generation family member of TRICOR Insurance, Tom brings a passionate perspective to his role as an Agricultural & Personal Insurance Specialist. Many family farms have been built up with lifetimes of hard work and passed down for generations. Tom deeply understands that significance and his ultimate goal is to help protect those traditions.
Farming is unpredictable. Bad days and bad seasons are bound to happen. However, proper insurance coverage can help ensure that the worst days will not set back years of progress or jeopardize future success.

Tom takes pride in building a risk management plan around what matters most. Every farming setup is unique. By getting to know each farmer personally, Tom and his team can customize an insurance plan for each operation.

Farmers deserve to have a trusted insurance agent on their advisor team who understands the insurance industry and their way of life.

Tom farms alongside his father and family in Potosi, WI. They run a beef cattle and row crop operation. Tom has been with TRICOR since 2016.