May 04, 2018

Unlike some life insurance pricing variables that are out of your control, such as your age or gender, blood pressure is a factor that lifestyle choices can positively impact. Even if high blood pressure runs in your family, a healthy lifestyle can keep yours in check and lower your insurance rates! One of the best steps you can take is limiting foods loaded with sodium, which has a particularly negative impact on blood pressure.

 Check out the five worst offenders!

White Bread

Although bread may be a crucial part of your diet, bread made with white flour has very little nutritional value, and almost always contains excessive salt. The American Heart Association advises most people to around 1,500 mg of salt a day, and just one slice of bread can contain a quarter of this daily intake! Since wheat or multi-grain bread contain high amounts of fiber and carbohydrates and are relatively low in fat, and often contain less salt than their processed counterparts, they are the much healthier choice.

Fast Food

You may have already guessed this one is not good for your health, as these foods are almost always high in calories while offering little nutritional value. However, fast food contains record amounts of sodium and fats, as well as being highly processed. Grabbing a salad instead of a double cheeseburger once or twice a week can have a positive effect on lowering your blood pressure.

Prepackaged and Processed Foods

Foods such as pasta, soups, broths, and ramens often contain added sodium for longer shelf life. If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or told you are at risk of developing the condition, you have most likely been told to limit your sodium intake. However, new research shows that sugar is more closely linked to high blood pressure than salt. Typically found in processed food, this type of sugar has a large impact on your heart health. If you can replace your cup-o-noodles with a homemade vegetable soup, your heart will thank you.

Deli Meats

Prepackaged meats, including breakfast sausages and hot dogs, tend to be loaded with sodium. Despite the belief that deli meats, such as turkey, might be a lean protein source, the added salt has a strong negative impact on your blood pressure. A two-ounce serving of some lunch meats could contain about 600 milligrams of sodium or more. When you add the two slices of bread, cheese, some condiments, and pickles, a quick sandwich can quickly become a sodium trap. Purchasing deli meat directly from the butcher rather than in the refrigerated section can make a huge difference in sodium intake.

Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizzas are not only filled with artificial and processed ingredients; they are packed with large amounts of sodium as well. A single slice of pizza can contain around 500 mg of sodium, that is almost half the recommended daily allowance! The combination of bread, cheese, and cured meats are a serious hazard for those control their blood pressure.

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