May 04, 2018 @ 12:00am

Rental car companies can be quick to offer insurance on your rented vehicle, but is it really necessary?

TRICOR Insurance has created a 12 point checklist intended to help you understand the protections provided by your personal auto policy*.

If you can answer YES to each question, you are okay to use your personal auto policy provided by TRICOR as the insurance to cover you and your relatives living with you. Saving you money on purchasing rental insurance from the car rental company!


  1. My auto insurance plan has comprehensive and collision coverage on at least one of my vehicles. I also have liability, medical, and uninsured and under insured motorists.
  2. My auto insurance plans allows for rental use is for USA, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii (if you are planning international trips, please consult with your agent).
  3. The rental vehicle is a private passenger vehicle such as a car, van (such as a Dodge Grand Caravan) or light pickup truck. It’s not a vehicle such as a moving van!
  4. I will only be transporting my personal property or that of friends. I am not using this vehicle for business purposes such as a delivery business.
  5. I will not be transporting others, except friends or family. Business use can be covered if use is as outlined below.
    1. If this is a business trip and I am an equal participant, “not the chauffeur,” and my rental car is getting co-workers and me to where we need to be, then this is permitted and covered. Yes, I can have my family with me on a business trip and still have coverage.
  6. I will only use a personal credit card, debit card or cash to pay. I’m not using a company credit card.
  7. I will sign the rental agreement in my personal name.
  8. I understand that my personal auto policy may not cover “a loss of use charge” or a “or a diminished value charge”. You may receive these charges from the rental company. Some policies cover these, some do not.
  9. I understand it would be a good idea to carry my auto ID card with me as proof of my insurance.
  10. I understand that if relatives living in my home drive the rental car and I want them covered in case of an accident, I need to list them as approved drivers in the rental agreement.

TRICOR Insurance wants to make certain your personal auto policy, or your business auto policy, protects you and your family when you rent a vehicle. It is always best to address any questions or concerns prior to signing a car rental agreement.


*All insurance policies are different speak with an agent to understand how you may or may not be protected.

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